Wood & Lee, LPP is a modern and dynamic boutique commercial law firm with focus on the commercial law, financial law, banking law and the protection of international investment.

Wood & Lee, LPP offers legal services not only under the Czech law, but also under the English law and excels in solving legal problems of international character.

Tax law
Obchodní právo - Fúze a akvizice
Soudní spory
Intellectual property law
Finanční právo a kapitálový trh
Insolvence a restrukturalizace
Mezinárodní právo a ochrana investic
Trust law
Stavební právo

International Lawyers

  • We navigate cross-border transactions, strategic planning and litigation.
  • We don’t work on billable hours.  We work on successful outcomes and satisfied clients.
  • When you need legal specialists, call in the special forces at Wood and Lee, LLP.

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