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Wood & Lee’s innovation lawyers advise at the cutting edge of technology and ideas, including legal aspects of emerging technologies.

Wood & Lee’s innovation lawyers advise at the cutting edge of technology and ideas, including legal aspects of emerging technologies, including: AI algorithms, AI chipsets, FOBO and TPMS, First Amendment and Due Process for the electronic era, GDPR, Internet of Things, Li-Fi, Maglev trains, PSD2, Retail APIs, Robotics, adaptive learning, agricultural technologies, ambient interfaces, amorphous metals, androids and personal robots, artificial Intelligence, artificial gravity, assisted driving, asteroid mining, audio search engines, augmented reality, autonomous ships, autonomous underwater vehicles, autonomous vehicle testing, big data, blockchain, carbon nanotube field-effect transistors, charging stations, cloaking devices, cognitive computing, collaborative robotics, commercial space technology, computational photography, computer-generated imagery, concentrated solar power, conductive polymers, construction 3D printing, crowdlearning, cryogenic treatment, cryptocurrencies, cultivated food and beverage, decentralised internet technologies, deep learning, deep linking, digital assistants, digital film and music technology, digital scent technology, distributed ledger technology, drone delivery, drone swarms, electric double-layer capacitors, electric vehicles, electroencephalography, emerging magnetic data storage technologies, encryption management, energy harvesting, esports, ethical manufacturing, fintech, flexible displays, flexible wings, flying cars, flying discs, flying taxis, fourth-generation optical discs, fullerene, graphene, green tech, greenscreen technology, grid energy storage, hidden bias in recognition, high-temperature superconductivity and superfluidity, holography, homegrown AI, hydraulic technology, hypereutectic alloys, internet security, lab-on-a-chip, laser and photon propulsion, lasers, machine reading comprehension, machine translation, machine vision, macro grids, magnetic levitation, mesh networks, metamaterials, micro grids, microdrones, microfarms, miniaturised satellites, molecular electronics, molecular robotics, nanoradio, nanorobotics, nanotechnology, nanowire batteries, narrowcasting, natural language understanding, neural networks, nootropics, open banking, open source, open source software, optical computing, parallel importations, peer-to-peer lending, personal rapid transit, personalised medicine, physical internet, powered exoskeletons, privacy and data, programmable matter, proprietary AI, prosthesis, quadcopters, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum dots, radio-frequency identification, real-time fact checking, reusable launch system and reusable rocket technology, search and rescue drones, security, self-driving and self-piloting technology, sharing economy, smart appliances, smart bill pay, smart cameras, smart cars, smart cities, smart dust, smart fabrics, smart farms, smart glass, smart glasses, smart grids, smart logistics, smart thread, smarthomes, smartwatches, solar highways, solar roofs, solar tiles, spaceplane, stealth technology, superalloys, supersonic and hypersonic transport, swarm robotics, synthetic diamonds, the AI Cloud, the right to be forgotten, three-dimensional integrated circuits, translucent concrete, transportable health data, vactrain and hyperloop technology, vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v) communications, vehicular communication systems and supercavitation, vertical farming, video game technology, virtual reality, visual search engines, wearable technology, zero-energy buildings, 3D displays, 3D printing, 4D printing, 5G cellular & 6G cellular communications.

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