Innovation Law

Companies around the world look to Wood & Lee’s depth of experience and breadth of resources in intellectual property litigation when they want to protect their most valuable intellectual property assets. Our lawyers have extensive experience in high-calibre litigation and trial work involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, licenses and trade secrets. We use our advocacy skills and technical competence to assist clients across a range of industries, particularly in the fields of semiconductors, non-volatile memory, software, hardware, cryptography, computers, electrical engineering, secure digital payment, telecommunications, biochemistry, biotechnology, immunology, entertainment, media, clothing and fashion, art, consumer products, computers, semiconductors, telecommunications, food and hospitality, fragrance and cosmetics, publishing, and medical devices. Our clients include industry leaders.

Wood & Lee advises its clients on all legal aspects of intellectual property development, acquisition, prosecution, protection and strategy. Drawing from both transactional and litigation backgrounds, our lawyers routinely assist clients with securing the rights in the intellectual property necessary both to operate their existing business and to enter new markets.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in securing the ownership of intellectual property (whether through in-house or outside development) and then developing strategies for protection of that intellectual property through selective use of governmental registrations, contracts and litigation. We help our clients implement those strategies and ensure that the applicable filings, policing and protection activities are appropriately prioritised. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and experience, which allows us to help our clients avoid common pitfalls and gain protections to safeguard their intellectual property rights.