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Aerospace companies operate in a complex commercial, regulatory and technical environment. With this, its intensely competitive environment requires a highly sophisticated understanding of compliance requirements to succeed in this field. Wood & Lee’s knowledge of the industry and its legal environment allows us to provide our clients with practical solutions in difficult situations. We not only respond to the client’s needs but also, we anticipate them.

Our Capabilities

Wood & Lee provides a full range of legal services tailored to the aerospace industries:
Public procurement and competitive contracting
  • assisting bidders in responding to requests for proposal (RFPs)
  • representing bidders before courts to challenge irregularities in procurement processes
  • helping businesses and governments structure RFPs; advising foreign companies concerning procurement markets
Commercial law
  • drafting, negotiating and implementing various commercial agreements with clients, suppliers and partners worldwide, including supply, teaming, joint venture, licensing, non-disclosure, distribution and representation agreements.
Labour and employment
  • assisting clients in all aspects of their workplace issues, including compliance under human rights legislation.
Litigation and dispute resolution
  • helping clients in commercial disputes, contractor and subcontractor disputes, bid protests, audits and investigations, as well as intellectual property disputes, breach of contract claims, product liability litigation, arbitration and mediation.
Export compliance
  • advising on the development of export compliance programs;
  • conducting investigations on potential export violations;
  • preparing voluntary disclosures;
  • representing clients on issues regarding collaborative defence programs involving partners;
  • providing advice on compliance with export controls, economic sanctions and controlled goods legislation and foreign measures.
Foreign corrupt practices compliance and ethics
  • implementing effective corporate social responsibility policies and complying with legislation;
  • providing anti-corruption and enforcement advice;
  • assisting clients in developing compliance programs;
  • assisting in connection with transactional due diligence and foreign corrupt practices risks.
Security issues
  • helping clients develop and implement security plans and programs;
  • providing advice regarding security audit preparedness, record keeping requirements, security clearances, developing customised personnel training programs, encryption controls, physical and cyber-security, cargo security and cross-border movement of goods and persons;
  • ensuring business continuity;
  • advising on emergency preparedness and crisis management.
  • providing advice on a vast array of laws and regulations tailored to the aerospace industry.
Government relations
  • assisting clients to develop and implement effective government relations campaigns;
  • advising on the rules related to dealing with public officials;
  • developing and implementing policies on gifts to and entertainment of public officials and lobbying compliance programs.

Our Practices

Wood & Lee’s experienced IP lawyers have great expertise in drafting agreements and negotiating transactions associated with innovation partnerships, developing and purchasing innovative products and services, facilitating access to testing and processing facilities for innovative start-ups and emerging business models, and promoting certification and standardization. Our experienced IP lawyers will help you develop effective systems and strategies to safeguard the continuity and evolution of the world’s most advanced satellite positioning and earth observation systems. We offer extensive transactional and trial experience in deals and disputes arising from all types of intellectual property matters. This involves the development of new security initiatives on governmental satellite communication and space situational awareness. Wood & Lee’s lawyers understand the unique issues and challenges you may face while surrounding investment and support for the use of innovative technology, e.g., reusable launchers, and contributing to the adaptation of the necessary ground infrastructure. Our lawyers will help you build effective systems and strategies to deal with security issues, foreign corrupt practices compliance, ethics, government relations, etc. Furthermore, we will guide you through the process of exploitation support and market uptake of space activities, with an exceptional emphasis on an increased role in security accreditation. In addition, our innovation lawyers advise at the cutting edge of technology and ideas. This includes all legal aspects of aerospace emerging technologies. Our lawyers provide a comprehensive package of services surrounding spacecraft and advanced materials. We also provide for satellite patents concerning projects that use space technology. We do the same for researchers with patented technology for further use in space such as miniature satellite electronics, new types of rocket engines, etc.
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