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Wood & Lee’s structured finance team focuses on asset-backed transactions, including intellectual property securitisations and residential and commercial mortgage loans – ranging from warehouse financing lines to whole loan purchases, sales and reconstitutions, purchase and sale of servicing rights, and securitisations. This team includes tax lawyers experienced in a variety of domestic and offshore asset-backed securitisation structures. Our lawyers have substantial experience in securities laws, domestic and foreign tax issues, derivative transactions, regulation of financial institutions and commercial finance. In addition, our lawyers have working relationships with the investment banks in this area and with accounting firms, rating agencies, mortgage purchasers, government-sponsored enterprises, and a variety of monoline insurers, all of whom have been partners with our clients in pioneering new structures in the asset-backed securitisation market. Wood & Lee is regularly involved in intellectual property securitisations and a variety of mortgage products (multifamily, prime, second lien and home equity loans), primarily as issuer’s and sponsor’s counsel. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the securitisation of intellectual property and mortgages and have been involved in a number of innovative or first-of-a-kind transactions. We also act as underwriters’ counsel in connection with the securitisation of mortgage loans. We regularly represent issuers in securitisation transactions such as intellectual property securitisations, real estate mortgage investment conduits and off-shore collateralised debt obligations.  Our lawyers handle offshore net interest margin securities transaction. Our lawyers have the necessary business, industry and legal understanding to provide valuable counsel on how best to structure the transaction with the specific assets and economic environment in mind, whether as a securitisation, a royalty sale, or a secured loan. Our lawyers handle the financing and securitisation of intellectual property assets ranging from pharmaceuticals to movies. Our lawyers represent borrowers, lenders and insurers. We also can help clients find creative solutions to financing concerns, and can structure licensing, joint venture, and other relationships in the place of or in addition to secured financing.
  • We handle all types of agreements and ventures, including joint venture and strategic partner relationships; distribution, sales, co-marketing and co-promotion agreements; supply and manufacturing agreements; Internet and multimedia license agreements; IT and business process outsourcing agreements; and confidentiality and material transfer agreements.
  • We possess significant experience developing global IP protection and technology commercialisation strategies for a strong international client base.
  • We are supported by a recognised IP litigation team with extensive experience handling patent issues underlying IP transactions.
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