Wood & Lee lawyers represent a diversified collection of institutional lenders, banks, real estate investment trusts, pension funds, angel investors, venture capitalists, investment banks, investors and financial intermediaries. Our lawyers are regularly consulted by domestic and international providers of financial services and represent as well the interests of corporate borrowers.

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Our Capabilities

Our lawyers have expertise in all types of financing and regulatory matters, including:

  • Corporate financing
  • Acquisition financing
  • Loan syndication
  • Asset-backed financing
  • Structured financing and securitisation
  • Project financing
  • Real estate financing
  • Receivables purchase facilities
  • Cross-border financing
  • Letters of credit and other forms of credit enhancements
  • Floor-plan and inventory financing
  • Subordinated debt and mezzanine financing
  • Inter-creditor arrangements
  • Mortgage bonds and other fixed income financing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Creditor rights
  • Establishment of banks and other financial service businesses
  • Bank capital requirements, including innovative capital transactions
  • Compliance with consumer protection and anti- money-laundering legislation
  • Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2)
  • Intellectual property financing
  • Entertainment financing

Structured Finance

Wood & Lee’s structural finance team focuses on asset-backed transactions, including intellectual property securitisations and residential and commercial mortgage loans – ranging from warehouse financing lines to whole loan purchases, sales and reconstitutions, purchase and sale of servicing rights, and securitisations. This team includes tax lawyers experienced in a variety of domestic and offshore asset-backed securitisation structures.

Our lawyers have substantial experience in securities laws, domestic and foreign tax issues, derivative transactions, regulation of financial institutions and commercial finance. In addition, our lawyers have working relationships with the investment banks in this area and with accounting firms, rating agencies, mortgage purchasers, government-sponsored enterprises, and a variety of monoline insurers, all of whom have been partners with our clients in pioneering new structures in the asset-backed securitisation market.


Wood & Lee is regularly involved in intellectual property securitisations and a variety of mortgage products (multifamily, prime, second lien and home equity loans), primarily as issuer’s and sponsor’s counsel. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the securitisation of intellectual property and mortgages and have been involved in a number of innovative or first-of-a-kind transactions. We also act as underwriters’ counsel in connection with the securitisation of mortgage loans.

Whole Loan Purchases and Sales

Our lawyers regularly handle purchase, sale and reconstitution transactions for all types of residential and commercial mortgage loans, including prime loans, insured loans, multifamily loans and commercial and industrial loans. Our lawyers have structured programs for flow sales of many of these classes of loans, including employee buyout loan sale programs, programs directed at purchasers who wish to obtain credits for portfolio purchases and programs for agency mortgaged backed securities backed by qualifying loans.

Related Mortgage Transactions and Experience

We represent lenders and borrowers in mortgage warehouse financing arrangements. We represent buyers and sellers of servicing rights, including base servicing and excess servicing strips.

Our lawyers provide advice to and consultation with the rating agencies and government-sponsored enterprises regarding loan sale and securitisation transactions. Our lawyers structure loan sales and securitisations for insured institutions.


Wood & Lee’s finance practice is dedicated to helping our clients find and secure the funds they need to grow and operate. Our lawyers have depth of experience in all areas of finance and have represented issuers, borrowers and providers of capital through our international network of offices. Our finance practice meets the legal needs of company clients as well as commercial banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds and other institutions providing capital to companies. We advise clients in a variety of established and emerging industries, including technology, automotive, paper and pulp, and real estate.

Capital Markets

We advise issuers and underwriters in the debt capital markets on investment grade and high-yield bond offerings, convertible debt offerings, unregistered offerings, shelf registrations and takedowns, medium-term note programs, straight and asset-backed commercial paper programs, Eurobond offerings and cross-border financings. We also have experience in transactions involving equity-linked debt and near-debt securities such as convertible notes, exchangeable preferred stock and trust-preferred securities.

Commercial Finance

Our commercial finance experience includes syndicated and single-bank credit lines, Eurodollar offerings, acquisition finance, institutional note placements and private offerings, structured finance, project finance, off-balance sheet finance, capital leases, and other debt and quasi-debt capital instruments.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with a wide variety of debt instruments and in senior and subordinated debt, mezzanine financings, second-lien and bridge financings. We help revive troubled businesses, protect bondholder investments and retire less favourable debt through exchange offers, consent solicitations and restructurings of balance sheets. Our clients also benefit from our knowledge and experience in covenant negotiations, complex subordination and intercreditor issues, and transactions with multiple layers of financing.

Distressed Securities

Our lawyers handle all aspects of workouts, restructurings, reorganisations, receiverships and other issues involving many different types of distressed securities including public and private senior and junior debt, non-performing loans, distressed real estate and distressed equity securities. We represent investment banks, commercial banks, investment funds, bondholders, trustees, issuers and borrowers, servicers and other participants.

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